Prosecutor Survey

1) 2009. Ensure that prosecution plans require review of all strangulation cases for felony prosecution.
2) 2009. Regardless of the time that has elapsed, when the evidence in a case suggests a risk for bodily harm, a warrant is preferable to a summons when issuing a complaint to ensure that the receipt of a summons does not pose an increased danger to the victim.
3) 2010. Prioritize interventions and charging involving violations of Orders for Protection, witness tampering and harassment of victims in domestic violence cases that occur at or near the courthouse.
4) 2010. To enhance victim safety, include a timeline for eliminating the use of Continuance Without a Plea (CWOP) for domestic violence cases in all Prosecution plans.
5) 2013. Prosecutors can make it a practice to look up the victimization history of the identified victim in assigned cases and look for possible crimes that may be related to domestic violence (i.e. theft, burglary, damage to property). This will give the prosecutor a sense of the pattern of abuse that may be occurring and, if it appears that the person is a victim of domestic violence, the prosecutor may make a direct referral to an advocacy agency to assist the victim in safety planning.