The Fourth Judicial District Domestic Fatality Review Team is a collaboration of private, public and non-profit organizations and citizen volunteers from throughout Hennepin County.The Fourth Judicial District Domestic Fatality Review Team was created to improve policies and procedures to better address domestic violence in our county.

The purpose of the Fourth Judicial District Domestic Fatality Review Team is to examine deaths resulting from domestic violence in order to identify the circumstances that led to the homicide(s).

The goal is to discover factors that will prompt improved identification, intervention and prevention efforts in similar cases. It’s important to emphasize that the purpose is not to place blame for the death, but rather to actively improve all systems that serve persons involved with domestic abuse.

The Review Team was established on August 1, 2000 through state legislation. Members are appointed by the Chief Judge of the Fourth Judicial District  with required representation from a number of agencies specified in the statute, 611A.203.  An advisory board composed of experienced members of the group guides the Review Team’s work.

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